1, Fri 15th, Apr 2022, 03:58

It’s about time you savor this. 

This is the official flyer of the trending spoken word master piece "Fayaside."

Fayaside embodies the passion, and desire of the African man and woman to survive and thrive. Creating impact is his dream despite the chaos in the society he lives in. 

It also reflects a rebirth and resurrection of the African man and woman. For over time and time again, he has been beaten, rejected and regarded and less human in his own land and without, so Fayaside of the motivational and inspiration poem or spoken word poetry in Mottanni's DarkLight Poetry Album is here to rekindles and reignite hope for the black man and woman and the entire humanity. 

Despite our struggles and predicaments, we must learn to thrive together as a race and as a people.

With we bring to you the official Flyer of this masterpiece poetry today.

DarkLight Poetry Album by Mottanni is out now 

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