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2, Sun 16th, Apr 2023, 11:42

There is nothing called "problem", Its just absence of an idea to find a solution.

Centuries ago, people had challenges.

Some they had no idea how to overcome.

Others they had no resources to use to go through the challenge.

Those who had ideas on how a particular challenge could solved but lacked the know-how or resources had to document their idea. In some cases they shared it with others and some how the know-how was found and the problem solved. 

For those who could not get their idea to execution and the resources and know-how was not available at the said time had to preserve their idea in documents, audio, video and some times in mesuems. 

By so doing, even when they were transcended to the afterlife, someone could pick up the idea when the resource are available and bring it to fruition. 

Ngraffi Sengse is here to do that for the everyday challenges and problems we face here in the North West Region Of Cameroon. 

Ngraffi Sengse is here to give voice to community challenges and idea solutions now and in the future.

  1. Are you bordered by a particular problem|challenge|situation in your community|Industry|career?
  2. Do you have an idea|solution to the problem|situation|Challenge
  3. Share you idea with us in five minutes(05 minutes).
  4. You need not know how to bring your idea to reality.

 Just share with us.

Some one might pick up your idea, now or in some years to come and move with it or might have the know how to your idea|solution. They can then use it to make our community a better place.


We are Ngraffi Sengse

Call us and share now!!!

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