What It takes To Raise A child

1, Thu 2nd, Jun 2022, 08:11

I have just been wondering this early morning of a statement made by a family coach and doctor I was in a panel discussion with on Monday discussing gender based violence precisely domestic violence.

It takes a village to raise a child

Reflecting on this as I watch the proliferation of drug abuse, moral decadence, disrespect of the elderly, in my city, Bamenda, I can help but wonder the future. 

Who fooled us we could raise our kids by ourselves?

Who fooled us that only us can discipline our kids?

Who deceived us that only us can direct our kids?

Who really deceived us that restricting our kids from associating with other kids in the neighborhood will make them better?

I feel like we have allowed the pains of labor and the financial task of raising a child to overwhelm us and we have neglected the most important part.

We have forgotten that we can never be there to watch them all the time and neither can a house help. 

When a child grows up with the consciousness that every father|mother|elder in the neighborhood has their eyes on them and can correct them if they misbehave, will instill some caution and discipline in them in what they do and not do.

Don't get me wrong when I talk of discipline, I mean doing it without breaking an arm or leg. 

Merde, when I look at the behavior of us, youth, and the generation coming up, I yearn for this statement to not just be spoken again but put in full force and action;

It takes a village to raise a child