Abakwa Breeze

Na abakwa dis 

Dem di wonda how we di progress

Bad bele pipo di confuse whether their Prayer di instead give we na success.

With no good roads, dem di thing say we no go rise, with frequent power cuts, see how we di improvise

With lead opposition cam see how dem di try tous les choix fo put we to a mess.

We get all the best schools see how we di wonder after school with files

Na abakwa dis 

Dem say we di make mop, say we dey on top.

Say we di croix say we fit stand on our own and no di wait oda pipo for give we ting dem,

So dem di look we like film, 

As we di writam, actam den selam

Den pray make dem see am

Na Abakwa dis

We no di listen for our heart again

Say gain no dey de  but pain

Na head di pay

So we must use am every day

In other for no turn gay

And we belief say at the end of the tunnel we go see that light ray

Abakwa Pipo

We no di dem because wen we dey down like nothing we are up to something,

We di wear our cross for fix wa head for jumbe the crown

Na Abakwa dis so. We di rise with no models for look up to but only the skies

Without ease but like and incureable disease

Even if you try for freeze we, we go still rise

Because say na wa destiny and we go cease  am even if you cause the storm for always di fall for wa place.

We dey in peace wen we di fight for justice even though you look, treat and trowey we like wowo pieces.