We are not yet free

We have merely achieved the freedom to be free.


I hear your foot steps on my roof

I see you tip-toes on trees and green vegetation

You paint Africa green

Thus, Africa in miniature.

Oh what a blessed land!


When I think of Africa

I recall Christianity that was brought in Africa

Not just for the good of Africans

But used as a means to extort Africans.

While they pray, their lands vanished.


When I think of Africa,

I picture the shackles of bondage on the wrist and ankles of our parents

The tedious Trans - Atlantic journey

And the baptism of fire for identification.

Oh! what a barbaric past!


When I think of Africa,

I remember colonisation

That was aimed at self satisfaction

It didn't limit itself to assimilation

But let to discrimination

Which breath forth Apartheid.

Eradication they claim but neo - colonialism I see in existence.


When I think of Africa,

I smile at Jomo Kenyatta, Kwame Nkrumah, Julius Nyerere, Robert Mugabe, Muamar Al Gaddafi, Nelson Mandela and a host of others who faught for Africa's liberation,

But were Africans liberated?


When I think of Africa,

I wonder if anti colonial movements  liberated Africans or African states.

A land dominated by the youths yet rule by the old

A land of genius yet lacks technology

A land rich in natural resources yet the most reached.

Africans unit!


When I think of Africa,

I wonder what it would be if rule by the youths

If Africans could stood the taste of time then Africans can make Africa greater than mere imaginations

Independence they claim but dependent they are

The problem of Africa is Africans

Unless we say no to neo - colonialism

The brutal, exploitative and unjust past will keep replicating itself.


Africans are not yet free

We have merely achieved the freedom to be free

Africans unit

Unity is strength.


Foncha Quinter Fri