Along My Way

Young, innocent, happy and pure.

Contagious, sincere laughter

Beautiful world, trustworthy, loving and caring people for sure.

The green grass, the refreshing breeze blowing through my skin as I shiver


Along my way through life,

I have come to realize

Though your smile with me, you are not for me.

Though we laugh together, actually you laugh at me.

Though we walk the same path, we walk at different paces,

Though you turn your back at me, you will not be able to see my back in the future, because it will be far beyond the reach of your face.

Though you may predict my future, I alone will determine my destiny.


Along my way

I have come to know that

I need to forgive your betrayal, not for you but to liberate myself and grow.

I need to go all out there not waiting for some other person, to make my dreams come true.

I need to be no one else but myself, I was born an original and should not die a copy of someone else.

I need to stand for what I believe or I will fall for anything

I need to make sure I do all I can do because all I can do, is enough.


Along my way

I have come to accept that

It's ok if you don’t believe in my dreams, for the dreams of one man lend not its wings to another.

It's ok to try and fail but when I fail, I don’t give up rather take a different strategy for it is a necessary condition to succeed I always get to console myself with the phrase “quitters never win and winners never quit”.

It's ok to fall for it steps one of flying.

It's ok if you decide to be an obstacle for it's your personal business but get ready to get knocked down and knocked out.

It's ok to work in a team for we are each of us an angel with only one wing and can only fly while holding each other.


Along the way

I don’t care if a door has ever been opened, for if I try today and it does not open, I will come back tomorrow and take the hitches off for I know I will have to fight some battles more than once to win them.

I don’t care where I have been for I have to stop looking at where I have been and start looking at where I can be.

I don’t care if you are with me or not because I know if you push me up the mountain, you will end up somewhere around the summit

I don’t care when I get “no” as an answer for it is a question and is necessary to stimulate creativity.

I don’t care if I get wet for I want to feel the rain.


Along my way

I have concluded that

We are all dying but very few are actually living.

Along the way, I have chosen to live life to the fullest, every minute of each day and whatever I want to do I will do it now for there are so many tomorrows that I have guaranteed to be in none.

The vision that I glorify in your mind, the ideal that I enthrone I in my heart, this I will build my life by, this I will become.

Along My Way