Bamenda Man

A wan tell you about the Bamenda Man

 Da grand wey dem look yi one fo ninety four day wan open ntang e instead look stronger

Da grand wey sound for gun and bomb don turn na yi lullaby

Da grand wey e no say fo something fo happen, e get for be de one fo make am make e happen

And when e look like say e dey down like nothing, know say e di plan something

Da grand wey believe say no man no get right pass some man and no man no get right fo take some man e own life


Make a yarn about the Bamenda Man

Da mami wey e don lost e only pikin, but di still fight make other mami dem no loss their own

Da mami wey e di sacrifice all yi comfort fo e family and community for tanap strong

Da chick wey, no matter how many time dem disappoing or chakara her heart she still believe in the goodness of mankind

Da girl wey e no get time fo chew chew chew, but empowers herself, family and community every day


Bamenda man na 

Da grand wey e no say thing wey e no fine for you no fine for all man

Da grand wey e believe say fo fight to protect de weak and vulnerable na yi duty

And till e die e go di work fo raise this city


A be Bamenda man

Who be you?

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