When Valentine’s Day was coming 

And esquire told me what he is planning 

I ask myself, what will I be saying

When you all come eagerly watching

What will do to evoke that feeling 


Maybe I should tell you about my first 

You decide whether it was love or lust

This was in form three and her name had “ernest”

Yes, we were in the same class

She sat two desks away from me,

I always gaze when she’d pass


She wasn’t always first in class 

But in my mind, my heart, my world, she occupied first place

She had bewitching eyes,

Eyes that will make any man rests under her spell for hours

Her walket, 

She walked as if she and the cement floor of the class had come to 

And understanding

As if the concrete was more than willing to rise

In support of her soles


When she placed her hand on me that day and leaned over

Just to say hi, her touch felt like a loaded gun, got me shaking

I could not resist nor wanted it to persists

For fear I could lose control and go explosive with my words

I still don’t know if it was love or lust.

Let’s leave that for now, let me yarn you about the second

The one I always promised to tell her the truth, the whole truth

And nothing but the truth, only when around my friends

I will go totally speechless in her presence

This was form five and her name had a “Bes”

She had the walk of a goddess

I called her my spirited princess

So, I will parade the stretch of road from Hospital roundabout

To azire new church, every Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays

3-5pm just hopping she will decide to take her usual stroll so 

My eyes could take a long gaze


For her I risked everything, even my exams

Just lost in thoughts of her face, her laughs, her dance

When ever by chance or design, fate brought us close

I will look away as my heart raced

I could not find the right words to express my impressions

So, I found solace in silence


I find it so tempting to tell you about my third

She was a paragon of beauty

She had what Dzouato terms, the golden yellow complexion

She had the eyes of a cat

Got my entire crew spell bound


We all wanted to be with her

None was willing to let go for the other

I am still not sure who she wanted among us

She was friendly to all of us

We took turns

Just trying for her to impress

We ridiculed each other just to sound and 

Look better in her presence

Its grace we remained friends

Her name ended with a “dis”


Number four steered up butterflies 

When she walked into Amphi 250 for her first class

There was total silence

Its like she commanded the wind,

I said to myself, this can’t be, she must have missed course

In my wildest dreams, I could never imagine

She will be a student of mathematics


Her eyes pierced my heart, body, spirit and soul

Her composure, cool

Exuding confidence in every sphere

She was the one, I told me

I prayed we, be together till we,

Grow old and weary

I wondered she’d look my way

So together we, fly away 

To our nest and never say goodbye


When she came around

My world stood still

When she say my name

My spirit said yes

Everyday with her was heavenly,

Every obstacle seemingly surmountable

Till this particular day

When he told me, he laid with her

Then I left her

I thought I wasn’t enough for her

All she wanted, I could not provide for her



The Fifth

She was a dame

Meeting me lame

She came to game

Her heart my aim

While love she claim

Like fire her flame

Consumed every part of my frame


Our moment was blissful and brief

She was my gift

But she wanted to prove

She could get any stuff

No matter how tough

They claim to be

Even playing rough


For number six, I betrayed a friend, a sister

She entrusted into my care

Thought the family we were,

She could share

So, I became a snare

Yes, it wasn’t fair


She was young with an enticing stare

Trying to find herself

So, anything she’d dare

We took off on high gear

Like animals in a lair

Getting into her hair

She stood clear

Friend and family, not a good pair


I loved her

I needed her

I wanted her

I adored her

Just me, 

She needed more

I left her sore

Pained to my core

At the shore

As she sailed with another boat


Then came the one

We will talk about her next round.