Locked With Her II (In the taxi)

As she sat in 

The gown went up

Her legs  more revealed 

My heart pomping

Directing my eyes

As I try to turn away

But I couldn't sway myself


There I was 

The polite me always

With my fellow travellers could not say hi

For fear of my words betraying my intentions,

So I keep my distance 

Held my calm 

Till I heard another voice from outside

Destination Mile 4


There and then I knew I had to go close

She shifted again and the gown went further up

Intentionally or unintentionally, I couldn't tell

For I was lust When our legs touched 

There and then I hide my thoughts and words in a song "Angel and Long time by MI Abaga" 

I don't know how crazy it sounds 

But I put my earphones on and started singing loud 

Sandwiched in between two ladies

The more I felt like starting a discussion 

That could extend our relation, the harder I sang 

Finally she said

"Shoffer a go drop" 

Then my heart beat slowed down

As she alighted and left.