Ma Small Mami

Have I ever told you about the lady I love

The one who gave me an equation to solve

An equation in which many variables were involve

One of was a simultaneous equation involving her and the woman who gave me life

Mehn She kept me in a cave

Another one was for me to choose where to take a deep dive

Her or the other bevy of ladies where I stood stiff


Then she presented me with a quadratic equation,

Do you love me for me and do you love my big buddy

Large charming eyes, and pointing breasts

Which to me had two answers, I could give

Yes and No for I could reduce her question to a linear equation

involving one unknown, her and me in a hive


Not knowing which answer will please

I just had to say this


I know you are wondering why I am dressed in white

Why stand with my legs trembling and I look full of fright

I assure its not because my jeans are tight

But because I am not here to prove who is right

I am just here to let you know

That smile, that smile, that your smile

So subtle, innocent but has hit me like a dynamite

Do that even make sense?