Maa no hear!!!

You say I am cursed race

Living in a cursed place

Battered by sins of my forefathers 

Suffering from the sins of my pasts 


But how 

Es ce que na me be tie human being Dem Leke goat do neck, drag am Leke cow for street 

Es ce que na me be trowey human being Dem inside wata Leke dorti for fish for chop   

Es ce que na me be di nack a fellow human being with big plank Leke say blood no di flow for e skin

Es ce que na me be take ruler draw long line separate brother them, sister Dem, family Dem with no conscience 

Es ce que na me kill millions of people Dem wetti aromic bomb Dem

Es ce que na me decide fo destroy people their history, then take the small one wey remain go put am for meseum di make ma dough dey

Es ce que na me di collect pipo their minerals and treasure then di give back crumbs in the name of charity or helep


Maa no hear that thing again 

So de pipo wey kill innocent pipo nova get punishment, na only me deserve am eh?

So the pipo wey enslave fellow human being them for hundreds of years no deserve punishment na only me eh?

So de pipo wey carry my glorious past go lockam for meseum fo their payee no deserve punishment too eh?



Wetti me a don ever do wey pass their own terrible thing dem noh?

Es ce que a don Eva boleee innocent pipo?

Es ce que a don ever tif people their history?

So if this guy Dem di progress wetti all their bad past Dem, me too a no fit eh?

Maa no hear