Save Me


If na left to me

A go run after anything a see

A go touch every chick fo buttocks, before set them free

HIV no go scare me

Even belle no di worry me

A go follow dem na fo line

Fool them, use them, break them

But you remind me say

Not all that I think is good is actually good for me

There is a way that seemeth right to a man but the end there of is death

Save me baba

Save me from myself


Baba If a remember na ting wey dem don do am

If a look na ting wet dem di do am

The pain wey fo me dem don cause am

All the pipo wey dem don kill am

A no fit leave am

A go pick my weapon

Fo try fo back am fo dem and da generation

A go surely take decision fo trowey caution and copy da fashion

A go decide fo focus on wealth making no matter de cost instead of welbeing

But you tell me say

The battle is not mine but yours

Forgive dem not for dem but for you my son

Say poison destroys the container carrying wey e dey inside

More than the one wey a trowey am de

Let them go, you say

Papa save me

Save me from myself


Baba see de way good pipo di die

See how ya pikin dem di suffer di cry

See how some prophets di fool fool ya pipo claim say na new style

See as we di fight each each other as all ma di form kyle

I wonder if you di watch

Or just point touch

So your wrath fit fall on them like ma rage

Na really which stage we de now so for a di feel like for break ma cage

But you di still yarn say

Mottanni, Its not your story for the world but my story for the world

I love you too much to hurt you, so if I don't take the pain from you,

Then I am going to bless you through it

Always remember all things are working for your good

I have saved you.


A still feel like fo fight

A di still feel like fo break their might

A di feel like but i need to do what is right

Baba bring ya light

Shun my night

Save me

Save me from myself for e don di hard me now

And a no get no one fo turn to


Inspired by a song by "Zeeval-Meditation"


Watch the video here