Trapped in the game is the story of us

Breaking my slowly when I see you tears


I know we never intended for our lips to meet

Though they frooze when we weren't even on a first date


Like a star on a darknight, you were to me in my moment of pain

As we rolled from one edge of the bed to another, I began feeling the rain

Beating my softly for I saw the passion in your eyes and knew there and then

I will be to you another cain

For I was consumed by my lust and was using you to ease my strain


 If only I could restrain us a while longer

Then we would have been stronger 


You were everything I graved in a woman

But all a fit tok na say a be dull man

For you met me when was down

My emotion cloudy so I had to feign affection

With the anger of my past I had to tarnsih my future

And now l am less worthy of a girl, your stature

Forgive me for letting my past cast a shadowy spell 

and disrupted our flow for you were true like nature

Pardon me, I am helpless at this juncture