A little about Me

Sometimes it takes an obstacle or an event of failure for us to discover what we have in us, what we are made of and what we can do. 

My life use to filled with a fleet of successes (Ordinary/Advance level certificates/ Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Diploma in Computer Science) which to me at the time was ok till I encountered a major failure in an exam I wrote where everyone made it but me.

That got me thinking and asking myself a lot of questions; What is life?, What is my purpose, Are my supposed to just live through life pass exams, get a job, a wife, make kids and die, what is my contribution to my society and humanity as a whole?

At this point it came clear to me that I can be more, I can do more and I can also help others realize themselves, be more, do more and have more. Ever since then I have dedicated my life to empowering myself and others in the areas of leadership, financial, mental, spiritual development.

My belief is being and doing better and to help others be and do better so together we can go further. 

Dare to dream, Dare to Believe, Dare to think, Dare to work, only then do you achieve.

I am my first test subject and masterpiece for I can be better. I know better but I need that push, that extra motivation to push me further and I believe others need as well. 

I specialize in skill development as the Lead People and Skill Developer at Y'G - an Enterprise Development company.  I empower people through Corporate Skill Building on any deficient skill and also do Motivational Speaking and Spoken Word Poetry all geared at bringing out the best in people. 

Let's get better together