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Mottanni's Bruises EP and Ebook is a collection of 5 poems that helps as a "panaxia" to both gender based violence victims/survivors and perpetrators alike. It also help raise more awareness as to the origin of gender based violence.

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Track one is written by Tanni Desmond Awa, Lanjo S. Neindofoh and Asongafac Marie Therese. It's paints the story of how gender based Violence may have actually began. The continuous cycle and what it creates.

Track two is writen by Tanni Desmond Awa, Asongafac Marie Therese, Lanjo S. Neindofoh and features musical artists Zita Light and Ngek Lois. It is a typical blame game. Tells the story of how friends and family of those who arfe victims/survivors of the act, are usually the first to condemn , criticize and blame them for what happens to them.

Track three is written by Tanni Desmond Awa. Track three is where perpetrators get to tell their story about what they did.No one in his right senses will inflict pain on another unless they themselves are sick and need help.

Track Four is written by Tanni Desmond Awa . Its a conversation with perpetrators, victims, advocates and survivors. Each reveal their story from a different point of view.

Track Five is written by Tanni Desmond Awa, Nubia Nahbila, Atemnkeng Victor, Yeika Desmond and raises more awareness to the various forms of gbv and concludes with a message on how people are to be treated.

  1. The poems are.produce by Ringnwi Charles.of HillTop Academy.