Bruises Poetry EP Press Release

2, Sun 28th, May 2023, 15:25

After successful release of the DarkLight Poetry Album, @Mottanni Incooporated and Lanjo coaching  announces the release of “Bruises EP” & The “Bruises Ebook”

In this releases, we seek to lend our voices in the gender based violence cry and also to provide a therapy for both survivors and perpetrators of the act alike.

This EP contains five(05) tracks and features musical artist @ZitaLight and Ngek Lois while also featuring poets and spoken word artist; Nahbila, Phamous Ink and Atemnkeng Victor (Emm Vee Aei). Official release date is the 01st june 2023

Thank you for the massive support in getting this EP & Ebook across to the world.

You can also preorder using the numbers above or email us at for sponsorship, partnership , interview and more information.

The album is available on eNow Digital  where you can purchase with MOMO, VISA Card or Bitcoin and also on Bandcamp  where you can purchase any where in the world.