Develop Self Discipline In Three(3) Steps

Tanni D. Awa, Wed 18th, Dec 2019, 12:06

We all get to points in our life’s where we take a look back and most at times make statements like:

“If only I was self-disciplined, I would have …”

“If only I was disciplined enough, I would not have …”

Most times we blame our discipline for the mistakes we’ve made in particular circumstances or situations or for the things we failed to do or did not do. On this day I suggest to your knowledge that elucidates the fact that your discipline is yours to develop. It’s like any muscle in your body where if you fail to exercise or use it, you either lose it or it becomes weak. With some of us, the discipline comes and goes. There are days where you were so fired up and did a lot then after a week or two its gone, you lax behind. So below you will find some great ideas that will help you develop discipline and be at your best every day in order for you to achieve your dreams in the fastest possible time.

The first thing you have to do is to emotionally engage with your dream every morning of life beginning today. When you get up in the morning, set out time, five, ten, fifteen, twenty minutes to sit and visualize yourself achieving your goals and dream. See the things you will do, embed yourself in the feelings you will possess, envisage the joy it will bring to you and those of your loved ones. Is it a business you want to grow, imagine the business being multinational, how you will feel, the clients or customers you will add value to their existence?

Do you want to lose weight, gain weight or maintain a certain size? Imagine yourself fitting in that dress you cherished so much, wearing those jeans or gown you love. Feel your curves, the flat stomach and focus on how you will feel.

Do you want to make a lot of money? Imagine yourself having the billions you yearn for, the things you will eat, the things you will wear, the things you will buy and the things you will do. Feel every ounce of it.

Do you want to become a great parent/child? Feel the benefits of that, see yourself doing the things great parents/children do. Do this twice a day, first thing in the morning and the last thing before you go to bed.

The second thing you need to do to build your self-discipline is to set out time every morning to do the things necessary for your growth and for achieving your dreams first before that of others. If you get up in the morning and begin answering calls WhatsApp messages, replying to emails, you will realize sooner or later that the day is over and you have not done anything to help you achieve your dreams. So, do you own things first in the morning?

If your dream is to be the biggest business in your field, you may begin your day by reading how businesses grow, and how to manage big businesses. If your dream to have that size of the body you cherish, you may begin with some exercise or eating something heavy in the case where you want to gain weight. Always have this in mind

> You can only help others when you have helped yourself.

> You cannot give what you do not have, so do your stuff first

The last idea is to set a block time in between your day. This is a time where you set aside to do only the things that are vital to your dream. No answering of calls, no replying of mails, no texting. During this time, you focus only on the things that contribute directly to your dream. like doing your voice training, reading a magazine/article related to your field, watching pieces of training/lessons on a particular skill relevant to your dream.

These three ideas will help you boost your attitude of self-discipline and push you towards your dream. Those who achieve their dreams are those who do something (no matter how small) every day relevant to their dream, not those who do a lot one day and nothing the other day.