Develop A Winning Habit In Five(Steps)

Tanni D. Awa, Mon 1st, Jun 2015, 12:00

Successful people don't just do things once in a while. They have learned to make what works  for them a habit. This means they have learned to do these things whether they feel like it or not. Sometimes they even to trick their brains to do them. Amongst the things they do are the following:

  • Do not judge each day by the weather

Every day counts regardless of the weather. Whether it rains or it shines, they have learned to do whatever they planned to do. How do they do this? One way is the right their goals for the day down the night before the day. This enables them the meditate on it through out the night and get into action in implementing it immediately they are awake

  •  Learning to see the good in anything and in other people

Everything that happens does so for a reason and most often to teach you them a lesson. Also everyone you meet knows something you need that you don't know. This you can get by interacting with them and finding the good in them regardless of what the society and others thing and say about them. This is the attitude of a successful people.

  • Salute people properly whether on phone or in person

The way you greet people tells how you feel inside and most times tell how you feel about them. This is why to change the way you feel, you must change how you greet them and also how you answer to greetings. When asked "how are you?"Learn to answer "Supergood/awesome/fantastic/great" or any amazing adjective you find. Even if you are not feeling that way at the way at the moment, do not worry, you are just telling them in advance.

  • Take care of you Physical body

You can not be good and do good if you do not feel good. So why not take time to carter for you body? Come on, do some regular exercise, eat rightly(More vegetables and fruits), wash regularly. Remember you body is the only bus you have to take you through life so take care of your bus if want to go far and make impact.

  • Daily feed you mind with the good, the pure, the powerful, the clean and the positive

Feeding your mind has to do with what you watch/listen/talk. All this affect you being and your ability to succeed so always do a check before giving it your attention; is it good/pure/clean/positive? If yes then give it all the attention you have .