Embracing Culture

2, Wed 15th, Feb 2023, 16:44

Today, I went to the barber to get myself a little cleaned up. Damn I can’t imagine what happened.

As he began shaving me, he started making remarks about a crippled preacher who have been there playing music and preaching for the past three hours. These are his words
"You fit imagine say de pastor don di play music fo de past three hours fo here, ma problem no be music wey e don di play, na de kind music wey e play am, e don play foreign gospel music for more than two hours, then only cam struggle pay we Brother pad na time wey e wan go yi. How wa own artist dem go grow noh"

This made me so happy, if the masses are becoming conscious of this, then we are heading somewhere. Good music is the one you repeatedly here and someday you find yourself start singing or humming it.
"Cameroon get plenty fine fine musician dem with fine fine music, e no be fit play am."

So this brings me back to question, if there are good Cameroonian artists with good music then what may be the cost of our people not playing us?
Is it accessibility?
Is it affordability?
Is it bad hard?
Is it ignorance?
I can't say.

Now I know why in the yesteryears CRTVweb used to play only Cameroonian music, I think they were trying to get us to embrace ourselves, our culture. I remember @Gervais Mendoze, When he was station manager, the will play on clip box just @Ben Deca, Manu Debango, Richard Bona, Wes Madigo, Zangalewa, Sam Mbende, Eboa Lottin, Kotto Bass and more.

Di thing be used to bite ma belle sotey but today I know better.

Some will say, our artists are not good, but the question remains, what is good music?