Get All You want In Life In Three(3) Steps

Tanni D. Awa, Wed 18th, Dec 2019, 12:04

Your life has been moving from one bad thing to another. You have moved from a very comfortable job to no job. From a low paying job to a high paying job yet you live is still miserable. You have moved from being fat to obese. You may have moved no spouse to have a spouse and yet you still feel empty. You have transfigured from a war-torn zone to a peacefully serene and refreshing environment yet your life keeps moving from one tragedy to another, one challenge to another, one financial struggle to the next. You are yet to realize that no matter where we go or how we make, we will still be miserable because we keep carrying the problem to wherever we go. Yes, the problem is you. Who? Yes, YOU. In this article, we share three strategies to help you make the best out of your life and be of use to you.

Firstly, wherever you go, whatever you see that you like, show a clear and genuine love for it. When you are walking and you see a lovely couple walk by, show some love for them. If you see your favorite car pass by, give love and express love for it. Did you see someone wearing something you like? Say WOW!!! I love your dress/shoes/jewelry and looks. Did something amazing happen to somebody you know, celebrate and rejoice with them as if it happened to you? Do you want to make a lot of money? Show and express love to someone you meet or know that has a lot of money. Do you want to lose weight? Give and express love whenever you see someone with the body you love to have. Feel as if it was you.

> You must talk about what you love to bring what you love to you.

Secondly, whenever you encounter something unpleasant or something you do not love, turn away from it and turn your mind away from it without giving any remorse or hard feelings towards it. Tilt your mind towards what you want. We have been taught the wrong doctrine of resisting what we do not want, forgetting to know that what we resist persist. As you give a lot of energy and feeling resisting that stuff, the more quickly you are drawing it to yourself and as you keep resisting the more bad circumstances you draw towards you. Make a commitment that whenever you see or someone does something you don’t like, you will quickly turn away and focus on what you want without giving any feeling to the former.

Lastly but the least, life is a catalog. That is whenever you visit a tailor, the magazine he/she gives you to pick a design/style is what we calla catalog. So, when looking at this book, do you spend time pointing at the one you love or the ones you don’t love? I urge you to focus on what you want and it will be yours. When you go to the pack to travel, is it everybody at the park that is there to travel? Oh no spend your time, energy, and focus pointing at those things you love and you will draw them closer to you.

Try these three techniques and I bet your life will become as pleasant as you had imagined and dreamed when you were young.