Fire Side

We found love in this place

We breathe peace in this place

We will risk our lives for this place

We will break our backs to fix place


This place is all we know

Its all we dream and where our parent sow

Where our ancestors bled but didn't bow

Beaten, humiliated and their backs used like a cow

But the purged on in sorrow, water low

Their blood watered the land so do not expect us to give us now


The cried, the laugh, the sang and dance

To the larsh sounds of their fellow brothers

But looked up to Baba for up so us he raise

To take by force, like the days of john de baptists


So no wonder

Or try fo put assunder

For we fight each other

For love and stamina

Preparing us to fight the intruder

For our land must pprosper

Our children must grow

Our people must show

That the sweat of their brow

Is prove of power


We will abhore our languages

We will uphore our diversity

We will row

Just try for touch wa culture


We are a team

Operating from a different realm

You won't understand so you think we skim

Oh no we are driven by a dream

To build this city

To stand like a city on hill

like ancient babylon from scratch

Thatch by thatch

Block by block


Its our mission

Driven by a vision from the most high

For he said

Look to the sky

And watch those who see you as fry

Watch you fly



Let your love fly


Let the pain slide


Let all the hurt inside of you die

Like Rwanda

African Wakanda

We are coming