Let me feel your skin deep within

I want to feel your sculpture

Every little bit of your sculpture

For I am getting immune to your torture

Those ravishing look in your eyes,

always bringing me to my knees

and in my heart I feel a puncture


I just can't stand being away

Not even for a moment in a day

All I yearn is to be in your environment

Though feel with resentment

For I have totally lost control

Your influence on me is taking a toll


Why do I feel so immature

Hopeless in your stature

Why do I feel so out of texture

For I am so sure, deep down, you are not my type

But I still want us all night to skype


Together now, now lets forget about us, any future

I hate me for letting you have your way

I hate me for making me feel this way

Helpless is all I feel and to you say

Because its you in my nature