Let Me

Today, I just want to write poetry

Poetry that does not only condemn adultery but praises fidelity

Poetry does not divide or devise means to separate but poetry that unites, encourage diversity and brings together communities so we can build a better, tolerant society

Poetry that does not only talk about the imaginary but paint an imagery of today reality in this society

Poetry that encourages dreamers but while they dream, they have to work smart and be willing to work hard to make their dream come true, only then can they create their own reality.

 Poetry that does not only preach divinity for propagates love for humanity. 


Today, let me write poetry

Poetry that does not only discourage envy and jealousy but poetry that promotes generosity and inspires charity.

Poetry that enflames our love for one another and the fight to save each other from jeopardy.

Poetry that is bold to tell of my story no matter how scary and blury, for in telling my story comes my liberty, my victory.

Poetry that does not only encourage charity but encourages investment,acountability, reflects transparency

Poetry that does not only promotes the quest for community but strives for the preservation of my individuality.


Today, Let me talk poetry

Poetry that empowers, and brings to realisation that

Just because my mother was a prostitute, gave birth to me out of wedluck, just because my aunt was a drunk or just because my father was a drug dealer, a smooker and my uncle a prisoner, does not mean that's all I can be, they were just aa lesson for me to be better. No I am not better than them, but I  have to do better for them.

Poetry that make me understand that because I grew up in old town/randezvous/Mile 4 does not mean I have to be a thief, a 419er or a bully. I must bring out that teacher in me, that entrepreneur in me, that singer, that dancer, that World class leader in me. Yes I can and I am me

 Just because I did not have a father or a mother figure when I was growing up does not mean I can be a great dad or a great mom.


Today wonna leave me enjoy poetry 

Da one wey e di cajole me

Da one wey e di calm me

Da one wey e di free me

Da one wey e di make am ma skin di feel na some kind

Na da one a want am

Na yi a di feel am

Today world poetry day


Mottanni, 2021


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